Reach all of your audience without feeling gross.

"Ethics" is not just a buzzword for you.

Logo for Magniventris, a yellow geometric shape outlined in angular black lines. Magniventris is an ethical digital marketing firm helping socially-conscious organizations reach and sell to all of their audience.

Partner with Magniventris for inclusive creative designed with accessibility in mind, promoted in brand-safe and fraud-resilient ways, measured by privacy-aware analytics.

Ethical Help All the Way Through

It's what images you choose, what words you write, how your website is laid out. It's keyboard navigation, color choice, and backend code. It's ads that show where you want and where your customers are. It's measuring your results effectively without tracking your prospects' every turn.

Magniventris helps you capitalize on every opportunity to make your marketing more comfortable for you and the people you talk to.

We create advertising strategies that generate sales. We design accessible and SEO-friendly websites. We manage paid search, display, and social media advertising. We design and implement email campaigns that inform your customers. We measure, analyze and report on your marketing data.

Magniventris enacts digital campaigns that make you feel proud.

To start a conversation about how we can work together, email or call 401-400-0537.

Top Agency Experience at Your Company

Headshot of Doug R Thomas, a brown haired white man with a beard and glasses, wearing a collared shirt.Lead Strategist Doug R Thomas grows businesses using ethical marketing strategy, planning, programming, and analysis based on 14 years of agency and in-house experience leading strategy and teams.

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Making Digital Ads More Ethical