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Your Company Deserves Marketing That Works

Your company’s product is great, your customers are happy, and your sales make a profit!

You just wish you had more customers.

You've tried some marketing, but you're just not seeing the return. Did you do something wrong?

Today’s Marketers Get Marketing Wrong

It’s not you. Even successful marketers, agencies, and industry groups get marketing totally wrong. They’ll say: “Here is a new way to attract new customers! All you have to do is follow these easy steps.”

Every new marketing or advertising method seems to be able to open the floodgates.

But there's so many methods, each “kills” more established marketing channels.

And each new method is an ever-increasing list of obscure technical to-do’s to “keep up.”

There must be a more effective way to create real business growth.

Just Two Questions

In 1972, the advertising copywriter David Ogilvy ran an ad for his own agency listing 38 principles of selling through marketing. 45 years ago, Ogilvy gave an enduring counterweight to today’s constant stream of marketing advice. Sales for your business depended on two decisions before all others:

By answering just those two questions, you can fuel all of your marketing strategy in a future-proof way. Armed with a clear position for your company, you can quickly develop your audience targeting, channel choice, copy, and imagery.

Okay, Maybe Not Just Two

It’s a bit too easy to say “two little questions” are the be-all and end-all of your marketing strategy. And in fact, the answers to those two questions can be really difficult to reach, and involve a lot more questions. By placing the weight of your entire marketing on those two questions, your answers make or break the success of your promotion strategy.

The hardest part of answering those two questions: you will miss important reasons why your customers would buy your product. You know what you’re selling inside and out. But do the folks looking at your products?

Get the Right Answers

The best way to answer these questions is to work with someone.

Get someone to help you find the best way to position your products and business to your customers. Get validation that your answers resonate with people outside of your office. Get phrasing, copy points, and a direction for your company to be the base of your marketing strategy for years to come.

Your Positioning Bible

The Positioning Bible ties your company’s advertising together to a clear, unique position in your market.

In the Positioning Bible, you’ll get:

In as little as two weeks, your Positioning Bible will help you drive decisions about your marketing channel mix, ad copy, and sales communications. You’ll make a major impact on your customer growth while staying true to the things that make your company special.

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From Position to Playbook

After you have your Positioning Bible, you can really start making marketing choices that always align with the answers to your two core questions. The Strategy Playbook gives you the best marketing plays to reach your potential customer base.

Far more than just a list of potential advertising channels, the Strategy Playbook is a customized choose-your-own adventure to getting customers for your business.

The Strategy Playbook gives you:

Based on your positioning and your goals, the Strategy Playbook sets you up with ready-to-go marketing strategies that drive real revenue in as little as 10 business days. It’s your company’s best way to build on the foundation of your Positioning Bible to make an actionable marketing plan.

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Strategy Into Action

Moving from abstract strategy into Project Implementation is daunting. A strong Strategy Playbook based on your Positioning Bible will help you figure out what, how, and when your marketing gets implemented, but won’t do the actual work.

If your team has the time to create marketing materials, measure and optimize campaigns, manage your relationships, and get the word out for each campaign, you can take your Strategy Playbook, hand it off to your team, and have them work their magic.

But if you need any help putting your plans into action, Project Implementation becomes a difficult hurdle to leap. Much of marketing takes practice to put into motion effectively, and it’s too easy to waste effort before you haven’t “done it before.” Not to mention, it’s hard to have a full Rolodex of every professional you might need for a given campaign.

Transparent pricing, clear deliverables, and a commitment to your Positioning Bible and Strategy Playbook will make sure your project gets the results you need.

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