Privacy Policy

We at Magniventris are committed to the privacy of our customers, especially in these complicated times. We’d like to inform you of the information we collect and how we use it.

The address for Magniventris is 201 Dean St Fl 1 Providence, RI 02903. The local phone number for Magniventris is 401-400-0537. Please contact us if you believe we’re not living up to this policy.

What Information We Collect

There are a number of technologies we and many other websites use to collect different information about you.

When You Browse Our Site

Some of this information is collected and stored simply by browsing the site. We use Log files. This includes your IP address, how you reached our site, and each resource you requested from our site. We use these for debugging problems on our site.

On this site we do not use Website Cookies: Websites typically use “cookies” — small files that stay in your browser — to trigger different things on our site. We do not use cookies on our site currently.

When You Call Us

Magniventris uses Google Voice to provide our telephone services. By calling via a phone, you providing your phone number and caller ID to Google and Magniventris. We use this information to make and return phone calls from within Google Voice.

Google has a more in-depth privacy policy for Google Voice available on their site. They have a more general privacy declation on their site as well.

When You Email Us Directly

Magniventris uses Microsoft 365 to manage our email. We save our email discussions and contacts so we can manage projects effectively.

On their site, Microsoft has a Privacy Policy for all their products. Their Trust Center provides general privacy information about Microsoft.

Concerned About Our Data Use?

We understand that the Internet isn’t the friendliest place. Here are some ways to control how we use your data. Please know that some things, like server logs, are not able to be controlled by you.

Removing Our Site’s Cookies

To remove those non-identifying cookies from your browser, you’ll need to use the tool that comes with your browser. We provide some “how-to” pages for common browsers below.

Blocking Ad Tracking

All major browsers come with built-in privacy blockers that help stop you being tracked online with various different methods. We provide some "how-to" pages for common browsers below:

Removing Your Data from Magniventris

If you'd like your information removed from the data storage we have, please feel free to reach out by email. We will respond within 1 business day. When the data is removed, we will email one last time with what data we stored and a confirmation that it was removed.

Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act

Our website is not directed to children. Please visit the FTC’s Kids’ Privacy page for information from the FTC about protecting children’s privacy online.